понеделник, 25 май 2009 г.

Summer time

I've never been that excited by boots, so I compensate with lots of sandals. Here's what I'll be wearing this summer.

Oh, and excuse the chipped polish, I didn't have time to fix it. Also, yes, my toes are weird and my ankles are chubby, but no one's perfect :)

From top to bottom:
Pepe Jeans
unknown moccasins from Frankfurt
Mango (B. bought them for me! :))

сряда, 20 май 2009 г.


These are quite an old Mango model, but I want nude shoes and they look really pretty on...

вторник, 19 май 2009 г.



Seriously, how can that woman look so amazing? Rachel Weisz at Cannes.

Fake much?

I just bought what I thought was a totally fake Roxy top. For 12 BGN (6 EUR). Then I looked at the label and it looked weirdly Roxy-ish. So I googled the reference number on it and, ta-da, Roxy Summer 2009. Someone is smuggling Roxy tops?! Anyway, here it is, all pretty and summery.

вторник, 12 май 2009 г.

The joys of H&M

I'm back from our little trip to Frankfurt and Paris and it was looovely, maybe I'll post some pictures later. Now as you can imagine, it also involved quite a bit of shopping which delightful B. endured with amazing patience. Since I'm cheap, I shopped almost entirely from H&M. It so unfair that we don't have a shop in Bulgaria! I'm on the verge of a ban on shopping here, everything's expensive and crap at the same time. They're forcing me to spend my money abroad. Anyway, here's some of the things I bought:

I also bought a really pretty cream sequined shift dress which I have nowhere to wear, a pair of beige moccasins that gave me horrific blisters yesterday, some really chic black sandals, a cream embellished tunic and a white tank (I really needed one!) from Zara and the MOST amazing huge necklace from H&M which looks like it's made of boat rope :) Also, of course, some knickers, including a pair of crazy ruffled fuscia ones which B. loves, haha. I'll try to show you some photos soon.

Gotta run now, I've been a terrible procrastinator ever since we came back.