понеделник, 25 май 2009 г.

Summer time

I've never been that excited by boots, so I compensate with lots of sandals. Here's what I'll be wearing this summer.

Oh, and excuse the chipped polish, I didn't have time to fix it. Also, yes, my toes are weird and my ankles are chubby, but no one's perfect :)

From top to bottom:
Pepe Jeans
unknown moccasins from Frankfurt
Mango (B. bought them for me! :))

2 коментара:

Zori *Gossip Style Vintage* каза...

vsichki sa strahotni
trqbva i az da napravq podoben post skoro

zorymory каза...

ooo super popadeniq..osobeno tezi 4ervenite s resnite me kefqt adski mnogo:)